Couple poses with new baby on their couch during a Wilmington DE newborn session
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What to expect for a lifestyle Wilmington DE Newborn Session

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If you are considering a Wilmington DE newborn session, read on to learn what you can expect from Wilmington DE Newborn Photographer, AnneMarie Hamant. It’s no secret that lifestyle newborn photography is one of my favorite types of sessions!  Capturing those early days at home with your sweet babies brings me right back to my newborn days with my own children. 

When should a lifestyle newborn session take place?

With a lifestyle newborn session, there is no right or wrong timing. Since we aren’t focused on doing unnatural poses that require your baby to be sound asleep or super posable, a Wilmington DE newborn session with me can take place anytime while they are still little! This family waited until their baby was 5 months old, and I love how alert she was!

Family of four hangs out on their bed with their new baby


Some families prefer to get newborn photos done sooner after birth. Newborns within two weeks of  birth are sleepier and easier to pose, than babies who are 3-4 weeks old. But honestly, I see babies of all ages, and find them all happy as long as they are fed well! After the newborn slumber wears off,  they may start to cluster feed and require more feedings. 


How should we prepare the home for a Wilmington DE newborn session?

Just tidy up any clutter off nightstands or end tables. Really, that’s all we need is some clear space to work without any distracting elements. A white or light-colored comforter helps reflect a lot of light back onto the family, keeping things light and airy even if your bedroom room is actually quite dark. Don’t stress about cleaning too much for me! I know you just had a baby and are very busy recovering. I will help move anything we need to out of the way if necessary!

 family of four poses on the couch during Wilmington DE newborn session

Couple poses in a Wilmington DE newborn session


How should we prepare the baby before a newborn session?

Be sure to feed the baby and change their diaper right before I am due to arrive. This way we start the session with a content baby! I recommend a feeding, a clean diaper, and swaddling them up right before I am scheduled to arrive!

Mother feeds baby in nursery during a wilmington de newborn session



How do you manage older siblings during a Wilmington DE newborn session?

I know how hard that transition can be for older siblings when a new baby is in the house! I love to give toddlers especially a little extra attention so they feel loved and cared for. Often times they will want to show me their favorite toys or their room. I know how to help them warm up to me and build trust in the beginning. It’s so important to include the older siblings right away in the beginning of the newborn session before they loose attention and get bored. I always start with the family and sibling pictures!

Big brother was really excited to be in the pictures with his newest sister—we took those images first so he could get back to some special time with Daddy. Whenever older siblings are involved I like to get their photos taken right away, so they don’t feel pressure to participate in the full session.

Young boy hugs his dad



What time of day do you photograph newborn sessions?

This session was photographed in the master bedroom around 10am, which is generally my preferred time to photograph newborn sessions. Even though it was a sunny day, the master bedroom did not get too much light, which required me to use additional lighting that still looks natural like window light! Can you even tell this was flash?

Newborn boy sleeping in white swaddle with hands sticking out

The Perfect Color Palette for Newborn Sessions

And I just love the light color palette this family wore for baby Eden’s newborn session. When it comes to the best color palette for newborn photos, I’ve found that light earth or pastel tones are the most flattering—and easiest to work with—when you’re looking for an outfit that will make you look good in every picture and keep the attention on your newborn baby.

newborn boy swaddled in white wrap laying on a white bed comforter by wilmington de newborn photographer, AnneMarie Hamant newborn boy swaddled in white wrap laying on a white bed comforter by wilmington de newborn photographer, AnneMarie Hamant

Earth tones and neutrals are your best friend when it comes to clothing for photos. They help to give your skin a natural glow and make you look more radiant. If you’re not sure what colors to wear, try mixing and matching various shades of the same color family—such as grey, taupe, or brown. You don’t need to be an expert at matching your clothes; just stick with a variety of neutrals and textures instead of going for a specific color scheme.

I hope you enjoyed baby Eden’s newborn session as much as I did. I love getting to document these major milestone moments for families just like the Hebel family.

I’m a Wilmington DE Newborn Photographer. Are you an expecting mom looking for in-home newborn photography? Reach out to learn more about working together on a Wilmington DE Newborn Photography session: here.

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AnneMarie is an award-winning photographer with over 15 years experience. Her passion is creating playful and relaxed lifestyle family photography both in-home and on-location for her clients.

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