Family plays with newborn baby during a Philadelphia newborn photo session
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Choosing the Newborn Photography in Philadelphia That’s Right For You

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Choosing the Newborn Photography in Philadelphia That’s Right For You

Welcoming a new baby into your family is an occasion worth commemorating with professional photography, and choosing the right newborn photographer in Philadelphia can be an overwhelming task for a new mother! Selecting the right newborn photographer is a crucial decision since like your wedding photos, newborn photos aren’t ones that you can go back and re-do if you don’t like the outcome.  As a seasoned newborn photographer with a focus on a laid-back and organic approach, I understand the significance of preserving these moments for a lifetime. Let’s explore key considerations when choosing a newborn photographer in the Philadelphia and Main Line region.


1. Posed Newborn Photos or Lifestyle Newborn Photos?

The first consideration when choosing a newborn photographer in Philadelphia is understanding the difference between posed and lifestyle newborn sessions. Posed sessions involve carefully arranged setups and props, often in a studio, with the baby placed in specific positions. Lifestyle sessions, on the other hand, capture natural moments in a more relaxed setting, like your home. Decide what is the best fit for your personal aesthetic. Some families love a more traditional portrait of the baby alone, and other families lean into a more relaxed style and pictures that tell more of a story about this time in their life.

AnneMarie Hamant specializes in a laid-back approach, ensuring genuine moments are captured. My approach to newborn photography in Philadelphia is to photograph families in a way that feels authentic and comfortable, rather than stiff poses. I want to help you remember how it felt to hold your newborn baby in those early days. If there are older siblings, capturing the unique bond they are developing in an organic way, so that those pictures become treasures looking back. In my lifestyle newborn sessions, I do bring a newborn beanbag  and all the blankets and swaddles needed to offer clients some gently posed individual portraits of your baby.

Examples of newborn photography in Philadelphia


2. Location: Philadelphia Studio Photography vs. In-Home Newborn Sessions

Consider whether you prefer the controlled environment of a studio or the familiarity of your own home. Studio sessions can be beautiful and offer professional setups, but you will have to pack up and drive there. In-home sessions provide the personal experience of being in your own environment that is meaningful to you. In-home newborn sessions also offer the opportunity to tell the story of your family, the nursery details you’ve put so much thought into.

I personally love looking back on pictures of the first house I brought my oldest baby home to! When choosing newborn photography in Philadelphia that is right for you in, consider if you like the look of traditional studio portraits, or if you want the memories of your family at home documented.

When I come to your home for a lifestyle newborn session you can experience the benefits of capturing your family relaxed at home and also get some simple, timeless portraits of your baby.

baby poses during a Philadelphia newborn photography session


3. Wardrobe Styling and Client Closets for Newborn Photographers in Philadelphia

Wardrobe choices can greatly impact the overall aesthetic of your newborn photos. There are so many talented newborn photographers in Philadelphia, and some offer various amenities like dressing the family from a client closet. While I do carry a handful of dresses to style mothers if they want it, I find most of my clients want to dress themselves in their own clothing, which feels most comfortable to them.

I offer personalized styling assistance for all of my clients, which can alleviate stress for new parents and contribute to a seamless and enjoyable session. Many of my clients text me back and forth while selecting their outfits, they consult my style guides and suggestions. But at the end of the day, it is really important to me that you look and feel like yourself, since we will be photographing you in your home. I also don’t want all of my clients to look alike, but rather lean into their own personal style. When you feel great about what you wear, the pictures always turn out better.

Mother in white dress holds newborn baby during newborn photography session in her Philly home

4. Does the Philadelphia Newborn Photographer Have Training in Newborn Safety?

Ensuring the safety and comfort of your newborn is paramount. Make sure the newborn photographer you choose has training and experience in how to position babies safely. Make certain they are insured and licensed to be in business. Look for Google reviews to learn more about their service history. I have 16 years of extensive experience in safe newborn handling, and my commitment to safety guarantees that your little one is in capable hands throughout the session.

Newborn baby details


5. Managing Older Children and Pets During a Philadelphia Newborn Session

For families with older children and pets, it’s crucial to have a newborn photographer in Philadelphia who can skillfully manage diverse dynamics. I understand the unique challenges and joys of working with older siblings and pets, ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable photo session for everyone involved. Spending some time getting to know your children, playing with them or taking interest in their toys or fave books can go a long way with building trust so we can capture their authentic personalities.

Family cuddles on bed during newborn photo session

Family plays with newborn baby during a Philadelphia newborn photo session

Before I became a full-time photographer, I was a teacher for 12 years! I personally love Philadelphia newborn sessions that incorporate older siblings or pets- they add so much interest and extra personality to the the photos. So I promise, as a mom to three children, there is literally nothing that your child can do to fluster me! I also am sympathetic to the sometimes challenging transition your other children may be experiencing as you welcome another baby into the family. I will approach your older children with a patient, gentle and playful attitude.

Toddler plays on bed with mom and dad and newborn sibling during a Philly area newborn photography session


You should also consider if pets are allowed when you are hiring a newborn photographer in Philly. Is it important to you to have your dog in some of the newborn photos? I am a double doodle mom myself, and I love to include your dogs or cats into the newborn session!

Goldendoodle joins in the family's newborn photos Labradoodle puppy photobombs the newborn photos

6. Newborn Photographer in Philadelphia’s Editing Style

Another consideration when choosing a newborn photographer in Philadelphia that’s right for you is what is your aesthetic when it comes to photo editing? Darker and bolder, vibrant and contrasty, or lighter and airy editing styles plays a significant role in the final look of your newborn photos. Some photographers prefer a darker and bolder aesthetic, while others opt for a lighter and airy feel. I prefer creamy skin tones, and brighter but not overexposed edit for my own editing.

It is important to me to create timeless images that will print beautifully and stand the test of time. I love happy, relaxed photos and to me, dark and heavy contrast with muted skin tones is a trendy look that won’t last. At the end of the day, it is so important for you to decide what kind of editing style matches the aesthetic for your home.

Whichever style you prefer, just make sure to look over the photographer’s entire portfolio- do they have consistent editing style across all their sample images? Are the skin tones reflective of how you’d like your own skin to look in editing? Does their portfolio look cohesive?

baby toes in a pink balnket

7. The Ordering Process

One final consideration as you decide which Philadelphia newborn photographer is best for you, is the pricing model and ordering process. Some photographers meet back with you after the session to present you the images in person and to help you order, some require the purchase of physical prints, some include all the digitals, or some have various packages you can choose from.

My clients are busy families, often with both spouses working full time. I have found that my clients appreciate an easy online ordering experience that they can do from the comfort of their home, though I am always available to help design an album or a gallery wall if they so choose! I offer both digitals and heirloom printed products, so my clients can have the convenience of digitals along with a full service experience of getting professional prints for their home if they want them.


In Conclusion

Choosing a newborn photographer in Philadelphia involves considering various factors, from style and location to safety measures and editing preferences. My commitment to safe handling, minimal use of props, and expertise in managing older children and pets guarantees a seamless experience. With a consistent and timeless editing style, my goal is to capture the essence of your family’s story in a way that reflects your style and personality.

If you think my style aligns with your vision for your newborn session, I’d love for you to head over to my Philadelphia Newborn Photographer page and discover more about my offerings and my portfolio!

If you’d like more information about working together, please contact me today so we can start a conversation about your due date and your newborn session goals!


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