Celebrating Fatherhood: A dedication to my husband

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I'm a lifestyle family photographer serving Greater Philadelphia, Delaware, and Maryland. A mother to three children, two goldendoodles, and married for 2 decades.
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6:00pm You worked all day, stopped to pick up a gallon of milk, the kids run to you and beg of your attention. You feel like relaxing and spacing out but you play with the kids, do some work in the garden, change a diaper. We eat dinner as a family and maybe we take them to the park  and you push Josie on the swings or throw the ball with Henry and John Patrick. 

You restored Grandma Sop's Singer so you could teach our boys to sew. 

You restored Grandma Sop’s Singer so you could teach our boys to sew. 

8:00pm You bathe them, we pray with them and read them stories, you take them upstairs and cuddle them and narrate their bedtime poems.  You’ve made Longfellow and Stevenson, and many others comforts to them before their sleep. 

9:00pm Kids are in bed, I am still working. You are downstairs cleaning up the kitchen and get your Netflix in while washing dishes. 

Middle of the night- Josie wakes up crying for you. “Daddy, I need you!” You are up and snuggle her. 

6:00am You often wake up with Josie and get her breakfast. Her breakfast lasts all day because she never stops eating but you start her buffet off to a good start with oatmeal and flax and chia seeds. Henry begs you to read and you oblige him before leaving for work because he needs that extra attention and morning is busy time for me in the kitchen. You get ready to leave for work by bike- the kids see a man who is healthy and active. Before heading out you might wipe a bottom or two, compost our food scraps so we can grow our own organic produce in our lovely garden that you built for us. 

You teach our children about God, goodness, history and literature. You play classical music in the mornings and bluegrass come evening. You make it to the ball games and entertain the littles as they wait through the long game… You do so much balancing to make it manageable for me to run a business and also homeschool our kids. You never complain. I know I am pretty damn lucky to have a husband as selfless as you.  Thank you for all that you do for our family. We live such a deep and joyful life because of the love you breathe into our home.  Our children are blessed by all the ways you show them what love means. 

Disclaimer: Forget about the less than perfect pictures from years past. These are just family memories 🙂 

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